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Once you grow up  in attics a smart raccoon is always gonna find a new attic to call home.  One of the most common calls we receive as a animal pest control company is raccoon’s in some attic in the Toronto Ontario area.
Expert affordable humane raccoon removal from attics, fireplaces, chimneys, woodstoves near all of Toronto.  We prevent raccoon’s and repair raccoon damage. 
Aanteater Pest Control services you with 20 years of structural extermination and wildlife experience. Our success is based on a consistency to deliver pest control that works. Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services strictly adhere to a comprehensive and sustainable integrated pest management strategy when dealing with raccoons. Live trapping is rarely a viable option as it does not prevent other animals moving in to replace the original occupant, often within 24 hours!
Visit our Web site http://www.aanteater.com to learn more about us and raccoon exclusion vs the trapping of live raccoon’s, raccoon’s and their babies, tips for prevention, raccoon’s in attics, and other raccoon problem areas. We also cleanup up raccoon latrines in attics, remove raccoon feces from attics, replace soiled attic insulation and treat for any other vermin carried in by a raccoon infestation and a full attic restoration and attic insulation whenever necessary. We solve and treat any raccoon problem from catching the raccoon’s to cleaning up their raccoon poop and urine messes and then making recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence of any further raccoon damage.  http://aanteater.com/raccoon_removal.html

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Raccoon Removal Near Toronto

The raccoon is our most plentiful wild animal found in many neighborhoods not only here in the Toronto area but also throughout Ontario, United States and including all of North America. The natural home of the raccoon is the hollow tree and in some areas and underground den.

The problem is raccoon’s have figured out they live better in the City and around lots of people because people like them, feed them and they choose nice cozy places to live like in your attic, in your chimney , under a porch or shed. But the bottom line is they are fed or can easily find food like plentiful trash cans, or a busy restaurant dumpster they will find somewhere nice to live nearby.

The raccoon when encountered can makes many sounds and when encountered can sound very scary because it makes very large snarls, growls, hisses and and screams that actually sound frightening.

Raccoon’s typically breed between February and June have a 54-65 days gestation and produce 3-6 off spring per year. Most births occur in may, The raccoon young are born blind with closed eyes and leave their raccoon dens in 7-8 weeks.

Raccoon Trapper Toronto

Its not the trap in many cases why we catch and capture raccoon’s its our experience and knowing where to look and set specialized traps and use them properly. We have traps designed to capture raccoon’s using  raccoon traps for chimneys, raccoon traps  for access points going into and out of your home and we have traps that work well in attics. But we promise you each and raccoon is humanely handled by our staff every time.

Raccoon  Exterminator Toronto

Some people call us raccoon exterminators because it is a name associated with the pest control industry for the last 50 or longer years. Yes we know how to get rid of your raccoon’s and if you feel comfortable calling us your Toronto Raccoon Exterminators please go ahead.

 Toronto-Raccoon- Removal -Specialists- Serving -Hamilton – Burlington – Oakville – Mississauga – Brampton – Toronto – Ancaster – Dundas – Stoney Creek – Milton – Grimsby – Ontario

Raccoon Control Toronto

This was damaged by raccoon's in one night !

Sometimes we get request to control raccoon’s damaging lawns and the reason for the lawn damage is they have discovered using their senses the smell of grubs and earthworms in your lawn and will treat your lawn like its a big Smorgasbord and simply overnight your lawn can be destroyed.

Raccoon’s usually will make latrines and you will know when you find them because it is used over and over in the same location and the presence of raccoon poop should be very obvious and if you look at the raccoon feces you will find parts of half eaten food like wild berries and who knows what else.

Raccoon’s have an appendage similar to a thumb on a human hand . It allows them to open doors, latches even cooler and be able to get into lots of places and cause lots of damage if they choose to.

Toronto-Raccoon- Removal -Specialists- Serving -Hamilton – Burlington – Oakville – Mississauga – Brampton – Toronto – Ancaster – Dundas – Stoney Creek – Milton – Grimsby – Ontario


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