Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Toronto

Dead animal removal and dead carcass removal come in many varieties of different dead animal jobs. For starters if its Friday night and a dead deer is killed on your road it may be there until Monday in many parts of the county-funding and hours. We offer a service for a fee for a variety of dead animal and dead carcass removals near r Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton and other cities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto Dead Animal Removal

If you are willing to pay we will get it gone today!

Death is part of the life cycle. Dead animals can show up most anywhere like dead skunk in the driveway, dead deer in the yard, dead horse or dead cow out in the pasture. Livestock carcass removal or Wildlife carcass removal. Dead squirrel in the wall or dead bats and removing bat guano in the attic.We crawl under homes, bathtubs and pull out skunks, opossums, raccoon’s, rats, mice, squirrels, bats, birds etc from most anywhere including under porches, under homes, bathtubs, plumbing, fireplace, pools, chimney, soffits, fascia, eaves or out by the children’ s play set.

Dead Animal Removal Toronto

If you had a deer charge into your sliding glass door and die in your dining room you would have a problem getting most road departments to pick up anyhting like that unless its moved to the side of the road.

Dead Animal Removal Hamilton Markham Toronto

Some of the jobs I have sold involve just getting the dead animal off the property and to the road. Dead skunk under a porch yep someone grab it and take it to the curb and its gone. Road department won’t help. What about the raccoon that electrocuted himself messing with your house wiring. That Crispy fried coon stays up in the attic until someone brings it down.

Dead Animal Removal Toronto

Dead animals in walls. 80 pound boxer dies needs transport to pet cemetery or crematorium. Someones horse dies in their front pasture and they need it gone like yesterday.

I get a lot of calls across the country , most of them weird one of a kind dead animal jobs but the state and county don’t and never will catch it all.

Dead animals are certainly not a hobby but with a good fitting mask the work is bearable as a service to the public.

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